Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a manufacturer or dealer?
We are an authorized dealer of Eagle Carports Inc.
The manufacturer does not sell directly to customers.
What materials do you use to make the metal buildings?

We use high quality American made 29 gauge galvanized steel siding to further protect your structure.
For our steel buildings we provide two gauge options:
1. 14 Gauge (Standard) 2 ½” X 2 ½” steel tubing
2. Gauge 2 ¼” X 2 ¼” steel tubing
12 gauge is thicker, heavier, and stronger than the standard 14 gauge and is recommended for most buildings.
Both gauge framing carry a 20 year limited rust warranty on the roofing material.
Our manufacturer uses only the best American sourced materials.

Can I order a custom building?

Yes, definitely! You can customize all buildings offered as far as the roof style, doors, walls, colors, panels, anchors, certification, & size of the building. See “5 Advantages to Metal Buildings.”

Before installing the building, do I need to take certain steps?

Yes, you must ensure the installation site is flat and level within 3” in order to complete installation in a given time frame. Some areas require building permits before install.  Please contact your local authorities or city hall to find out if permits are required in your area.

Is there a price difference if I order from the manufacturer?
No, we sell on behalf of our manufacturers as the manufacturers do not sell direct. We work hand in hand with our manufacturer to assure each order is completed successfully.
When can I expect the building delivery?

We offer competitive time frames of install for our buildings. Most of our states (weather permitting) is completed within 5-10 business days.  Further North and East toward Chicago or New York may be 6-8 weeks.  Once you order from us, a customer service representative will contact you to schedule a date that will work best for you.

What materials are used to make the structures?

The standard framing is a 14 gauge 2 ½” x 2 ½” galvanized steel tubular framing with the option to upgrade to a 12 gauge 2 ¼” x 2 ¼” framing at an additional price.  The sheet metal is 29 gauge.

What methods are used to anchor the structures?

There are three types of anchors: rebar, mobile home, & expansion bolts.  The rebar anchors are a 30” rebar driven through the base rail that come standard with the non-certified structures installed on the ground, gravel, asphalt, or soft surface.  If the structure is going on a slab, the concrete expansion bolts are used to anchor and come standard with the structure.  For certified structures not placed on a slab, the helical mobile home anchor is used.

What is the wait time once I place the order for my structure?
The installation period is typically 2-4 weeks, but it can be as quick as 1 week or as long as 6 weeks in remote areas.
What is the difference between the boxed eave style roof and the vertical roof?
The boxed eave style and the vertical style appear to be the same, however the vertical style has its pros.  The boxed eave is an A-frame style roof with the roof paneling running horizontally front to back.  The vertical style is also an A-frame roof, however the roof panels run vertically up and down allowing for rain and debris to run off quicker and easier to prevent puddling.  With the vertical style roof, you not only have your framing running vertically, but there is additional framing running horizontally.
What is the exact frame/size of my carport/garage?
The exact dimensions of the frame from the bottom outside frame rail to the opposite outside frame rail are as follows:
If the carport is a 12′ wide x 21′ long  the frame will be 12′ outside to outside of the frame, and the length will be 20′ end to end. If an 18’x31′, the width will be 18′ outside to outside, length 30′ end to end and so forth. The extra foot of length comes from the standard 6″ of roof overhang on each end of the structure.

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