What should I look for in Texas and beyond when purchasing RV carportsRV carport, metal RV covers,carports for RV, RV metal buildings, RV shedsRV storage buildingsRV garage kits?

If you are in Abilene, Addison, Alamo, Alvin, Angleton, Aransas Pass, Arlington, Bay City, Bellville, Boerne, Brazoria, Brenham, Bryan,Carrollton, Centerville, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Dallas, Fort Worth, El Campo, Fulshear, Gainesville, Giddings, Gonzales, Hempstead, Hockley, Huntsville, Waller, Conroe, Plantersville, Fredericksburg, Hearne, Houston, La Grange, Lampasas, Magnolia, Madisonville, Weatherford, Whitesboro, and the rest of Texas or in in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia your choice should be CCR Buildings since we offer free delivery and installation in all those places. 

Size matters for your metal RV covers

The first consideration when purchasing an RV Cover from CCR Buildings is the size.  Our covers start at 12’ wide, which work for most motorhomes, however, you may want to go wider for additional space and go up to our 18’ wide unit.  The 18’wide unit should give you plenty of room for slide outs and to move freely around the motorhome. Besides the 12’ and 18’ wide standard RV shelters, we offer a 20’, 22’. & 24’ wide as well.

Looking for more room? Store your motorhome in an RV shelter or covered RV storage.

Triple wide metal RV carports offer you the possibility of storing more than your motorhome under the RV shelter. CCR’s triple wide units are 26’, 28’, & 30’ wide.  The RV carports not only protect your RV from the elements, it also provides cover to load and unload your RV in the rain.  CCR Buildings can even custom build your RV carport up to 40’ wide.

Besides the width, the length needs to be considered.  You will need to measure to see how long your motorhome is and add a few feet to the front and back to provide maximum protection.  Also, when considering the length, keep in mind your future plans… Do you plan to purchase a larger RV? If so, it might be worth going with a bigger RV carport to ensure the future is covered.

The height is an important factor when considering the size of your RV carport.  When measuring the height of the RV be sure to include the AC unit at top to ensure you have plenty of clearance for your RV cover.  Remember again, if you plan on upgrading your RV in the future, keep that in mind to save money in the future.  Heights start at 6’ and can go up to 16’ tall here at CCR Buildings.

Customized metal RV carports offer further protection

RV metal buildings are more than just the roof to cover your RV.  CCR offers many custom options in metal RV covers design to help further the protection of your motorhome.  Add sides, ends, gable ends, panels, or even enclose it with rollup doors to further protect and lock up your motorhome.

3 additional things to consider when purchasing a metal RV carport

There are a few options to consider when making a choice in RV carports that can help with the overall structure and strength of the cover.

1.) Upgrading to the 12-gauge framing for the RV shelter – this is a thicker metal framing compared to the standard 14-gauge framing.

2.) Adding the certification package – this package adds extra bracing and anchoring to the metal RV covers certifying the unit up to 140 mph winds.

3.) Vertical roof/sides – going with the vertical roof for the RV carport is recommended, as the panels run up and down allowing for easier run-off. Vertical siding adds extra framing to the structure.

If you have further questions or are interested in a quote for a metal RV cover or customized RV carport, don’t hesitate to call CCR Buildings at 979-826-2230.  We are in the office Monday through Saturday, 9 am to 5 pm.  We are here to help you.  Ask for Melissa, Jason, or Danny. Contact us.

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